Chinese cinema lens XTREME 28-85mm T3.2 entered the B&H professional show room


On February 21, 2022 Beijing time, AKS-B&H carried out a 2-day internal technical training of CHIOPT Axe Lens &Kinefinity, 8 courses in 2 days, 

only to give customers better technical support and service experience after product launch.

B&H is a well-known photographic equipment manufacturer in the United States, as well as the weather vane of photographic equipment in North America. 

CHIOPT recently formalized its partnership with B&H.

The director in charge of professional lens of B&H, after testing and experiencing the ghost axe lens, put the domestic lens in the exhibition hall of 

                                      B&H professional equipment for the first time for demonstration and trial. 

                                Overseas players will be able to test CHIOPT directly at the B&H showroom in New York.