CHIOPT Xtreme Zoom 28-85 '25h Piazza San Paolino Commercial' by Marco Tomaselli

Marco Tomaselli is an independent filmmaker who learned photography at an early age. Traveling all over the world, exploring the beauty of all the different cultures, more than 70 photographs were taken during this time.

He has won 3 international photography awards (2021 Garoa Awards, 2017 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, US, 2016 Las Vegas International Film Festival) and 5 awards nominations.   


25hours Hotel is a German hotel brand. 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino is also the first 25-hour hotel in Italy

With its excellent hotel design, 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino have been shortlisted for the 65th American "Hotel Design" magazine award in 2022!

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This time, the XTREME28-85mm T3.2 helped Marco Tomaselli to shoot a hotel promotional video for the 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino.

Let's enjoy the hotel that was shortlisted for the American "Hotel Design" magazine award.

We sincerely hope that the epidemic will end soon, and everyone will have the opportunity to go to Italy to experience this super special hotel.

As you can see from the promotional video, the room themes of 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino are divided into Hell and Heaven.

Imagining, if you stay in a hotel, you can meet exotic handsome guys with different styles from heaven and hell, what a great experience that would be!

In this film, Marco Tomaselli uses Edge 6K with XTREME28 - 85mm, each close-up can feel the quality of the lens under the 6K camera system, using close-up, transition and other shooting techniques, the hotel's symmetry beauty, line beauty, texture The beauty, the beauty of light and shadow, and the background are vividly combined.

The exquisite decoration of the hotel in the film brings new surprises to every scene. Even if you don't stay in a hotel, restaurants and bars that seem to be open to the outside world are indispensable places to check in.

I believe that all professional masters have seen the ultra-high-definition pictures, lighting colors, and the filming of the characters’ plots in the film. They have used a lot of moving zoom pictures shot by Steadicam, so that the finished film can be completed in one step and in one go, just feel A little bit of a follower.

Familiar hotels are a sense of security, hometown food is a sense of happiness, and the recorded process is a sense of satisfaction. In the journey of life, the scenery is always changing. What remains the same is the good partner who will accompany you to shoot better works.


XTREME28 - 85mm T3.2, worth having.