XTREME2885 shooting test and virtual production display

Virtual production adopts advanced led virtual shooting system to achieve the fusion of virtual and real shooting effect, which represents the latest development trend of photography and production industry.

When shooting, due to the frequent movement of the lens, the lens breathing, distortion, color difference, resolution, constant aperture, as well as the accuracy of the focus scale and other requirements are very strict, for zoom lens, its focus function is essential.

At the same time, the center offset in the zoom process must be strictly controlled. The wide-angle to mid-long focal segment is the most commonly used focal segment for virtual film production. After testing many shots, after careful evaluation, the Ghost Axe XTREME2885 has become a sharp shooting tool for quantum production virtual production.

Quantum Studio is the first company in South China to adopt the technology process service of virtual production and television industry. Virtual production applies the positioning technology of VR to the shooting occasions of movies and TV videos. It can display the background synchronously through the real-time rendering engine of the computer, and make real-time synthesis of the background and characters with the tracking camera. There is no need to carry out any green screen image cutting, special effects synthesis of the final film, so that the cost of the whole film or video production is greatly reduced, so that the whole shooting is more controllable.